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Concentrate on Saving!

Concentrate Advantages :

  • Save >75% on commercial dishwasher detergent
  • Free shipping nationwide
  • Designed for use in low and high temp commercial                  dishwasher machines 
  • Each bottle of concentrate makes 5-gallons of solution
  • Reduced cost and waste from reusing 5-gallon pails 
  • Reduced storage space foot print    

At Active Elements, our goal is to save you money on your commercial dishwasher detergent and chemicals. Our customers, save over 75% on their commercial dishwasher chemicals and detergent. Our specialty formulated Detergent, Low Temp Chlorine and Rinse concentrates are designed for use in both low and high temperature dishwasher machines.

You have been overpaying for your commercial dishwasher detergent, rinse and sanitizer.

Motivated restaurant owners can dilute the powerful chemical concentrates in reused five gallon buckets and reap the economic and environmental benefits. Your dishes and dish ware will look great and your pocketbook will feel even better. Offering commercial dishwasher Detergent Sanitizer and Rinse concentrate.

Detergent Concentrate-
$22.95 per bottle
(Bulk Pricing)

Cuts through tough grease, grime and stains. Dishware will look brand new.

Low Temp Chlorine- $24.95 per bottle     (Bulk Pricing)

Kills bacteria and germs. Professional Grade.

Rinse  Concentrate- $22.95 per bottle       (Bulk Pricing)

Completes end cycle leaves dishes with a spot free and even shine.